Day Four

While it was a nice, cozy night here in Victoria and I slept better than I had in a while, it was sad to wake up to today’s news out of home and there was a little fog hanging over the day. Prince is a Minneapolis icon. When I would tell people where I was from, they would usually follow up with a question about the Mall of America or, if they were really awesome, Prince. I never got to see him play one of his spontaneous shows at Paisley Park, though I had always hoped to, and I never got to have one of those crazy Prince encounters people would have, but I love his music and have him to thank for making my favorite venue what it is today. It’s hard not to be home tonight to see Minneapolis painted purple or put flowers under his star and dance the  night away at First Avenue, partying like it’s 1999. I’ve settled for watching the coverage coming from home after we got back to the hotel. It looks amazing there, especially that block party starting at First Ave. I was certainly humming his music today as I was walking around Victoria today, and you can bet I’ll be listening to it on repeat for the next few days.

After trying to absorb the news (how could anyone, really), Mom and I walked to the Victoria Public Market and grabbed a quick breakfast: delicious pain au chocolat and an apple and peach pie. From there we walked around some of the shops down Fort — including one that sold yummy little macarons — and inside The Bay Centre before setting off for Beacon Hill Park. We also stopped into a great art gallery that featured First Nations artists. I enjoyed Coast Salish work in particular; the iconography was really cool, featuring lots of salmon and the thunderbird, a creator figure from their mythology.

Once in the park, we made our way straight to ocean walk down Dallas, wish a little detour when Mom noticed two peacocks strolling through the park. As we got closer to them, we realized they were headed towards the petting zoo, where they start squawking up a storm with some other birds who were inside. I managed to get a few good shots of them pretty close up, which is impressive considering my track record with birds. It was beautiful — lots of driftwood on the gray stone beaches and the Olympic Mountains in the distance (which are actually in the US, so the whole area as really close to the border). We walked down the shore starting at Clover Point and looked in some small tide pools; I got some nice pictures of some anemones and snails. We decided to take part of the walk right along the water and were surprised by how warm it was down there. We took a break and lay down on the rocks; they were so warm that it was actually very comfortable.

We made our way back staying along the shore, walking towards the Ogden Point Breakwater. On the way we passed the Terry Fox memorial and the Mile 0 marker. We were feeling a little dead on our feet, so we stopped at the Breakwater Cafe for a little snack and a beer before taking the walk down the breakwater wall. On the way back from the end, we saw some people looking down at the water and got a quick glimpse of a seal. I was so excited because I was hoping to see one!

From Ogden Point, we started making our way back towards home by way of Fisherman’s Wharf. It was so cute there with all the little food shacks and floating homes. The best part was that there were five or six adorable seals right off the docks!They’ve got life all figured out — they just hang out by the docks looking cute and wait for people to feed them. You could tell they were regulars because the people who sold fish for people to through at them had names for them. There was one who was blind in one eye they called Lucky, and another named Lucy. They were all super cute, but there was one that I wanted to take home who would wave and slap his fins against the water trying to get people’s attention so they would throw fish at him. I decided that I want a pet seal after seeing that. I feel that this is a perfectly reasonable thing to expect in life.

From the wharf, we trudged our way back to Paul’s Motor Inn to put our tired feet up and check in on the big story coming out of home. I also needed to check on the amount of sun I got today, which was a lot. I officially have my first sunburn of the season, which is not surprising, since I was outside for most of the day and that makes  a burn a pretty much foregone conclusion. I think our rest on the beach may have been my fatal error.

I’m turning in early tonight to rest up for another big day tomorrow. I’m hoping to get to the Butchart Gardens and Craigdarroch Castle! But now it’s time to dream some purple dreams.

Dearly beloved

We are gathered here today

To get through this thing called life

– Prince, “Let’s Go Crazy”


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