Day Seven

Another crazy busy day. I woke up around 9:00 to get myself ready to leave the hostel and walk to Burrard Station to take the bus to Whistler. I wound up getting to the station well ahead of the bus, so I made my way to Tim’s, grabbed some breakfast, and tuned into the Wild game for an hour until it made it. Peak Canadian kind of stuff.

The ride up the Sea to Sky Highway was ridiculously gorgeous. The mountains and Howe Sound make for an incredible view; if you ever have the chance to drive it, I highly recommend it. The driver was saying that it was completed specially for the 2010 Olympics to help with all the traffic from Vancouver to the mountain.

A van picked me up in Creekside Village — a little outside Whistler proper — to take me to the Whistler Lodge Hostel. As I got on, the driver asked if I was headed to Cancun since it was another beautiful, unseasonably sunny day. The hostel is in a great spot, and the building itself is really cool. There are a lot of people my age staying here, mostly from the UK, Australia, and other parts of Canada looking for work for the summer season. The idea is definitely attractive to me. Maybe I’ll summer on ships and winter in ski towns. Who knows? I just feel so good being in the mountains!

I got myself mostly settled at the hostel, minus a little snafu where I tripped and broke the privacy curtain on my bunk. Oops. I took quick shower, then I went for a great walk through the neighborhood down into the village to pick up a few groceries and a bottle of wine just for the two days I’m here. It was a little chilly, but it felt way better than anything I’ve felt in a while.

When I got back, I made myself a quick dinner. I finally got the chance to start talking to some of the people staying in the hostel. They’re all really nice, and I wish I was going to get more time with all of them. We’ve all been sitting in the common room talking tonight, for hours and hours.

It’s sounding like people are getting ready to head off to bed, and I think I’m going move that way soon myself. The mountain opens to skiing at 10:00, and I can’t wait to finally hit these slopes!


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