Day Nine

I miss Whistler already! I got up this morning and packed up all my things. I got to hang out with Melissa and Rob for a while in the common room before it was time for me to hop on the shuttle down the bus to take me back to Vancouver! This time I knew which side of the bus to sit on for the best views as we drove down the Sea to Sky Highway, so I got some great pictures, especially once we got close to Howe Sound.

The bus dropped me off downtown. I had a much better idea of where I was today than I did when I left, so I navigated my way back to the hostel with no problems at all. They had me set up in the same room and bed I was in when I was here earlier this week, which was nice.

After settling my things in, I decided I had plenty of time to go on a little adventure. A few people told me I had to check out the Granville Market, so I walked into the lobby, grabbed a map, and saw that it was close enough to walk there. I went over the Burrard Bridge and wound up by the Molson’s HQ that I was lost at my first night here; I didn’t realize how close I was to home base at the time, but sure enough I wasn’t nearly as off base as I thought I was!

While the market was the tip I was following, I found that I really enjoyed the entire Granville Island area! It was so cute, with all kinds of little shacks and shops all over. While they do allow cars, you can walk pretty much wherever, which gave the island a really cool feel. I noticed a lot of theatres, including an improv one that I might go check out if I can wrangle together a crew from the hostel. In the market I bought myself a few pink lady apples from one of the farm vendors and grabbed a yummy dinner from Laurelle’s. After walking around a bit more, I made my way back to the hostel (with a brief detour to Shopper’s to get flip-flops for the shower, since I accidentally forgot mine at the Whistler Lodge).

I threw my stuff in my locker then made my way down to the common room to work on my paperwork. One of the guys sitting down here, Paul, noticed the stickers on my laptop and asked if I was from Minnesota, which got us talking for a long time. He’s a big skier, so he told me about all the places he’s gone and gave me his top ten. After he left, a girl named Tarah joined me. She’s taking some time off from her job in Banff and is headed to Victoria tomorrow. I told her she had to go to Fisherman’s Wharf to see the seals!

Things are starting to wind down and empty out here in the common room, and I think I’m going to follow suit. I’m meeting Rukshila tomorrow for lunch in Port Coquitlam and I have The 1975 concert tomorrow night, so I want to be well rested for another big day!


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