Day Twenty

Another day started off at Tim’s! Angie and I caught breakfast and discussed our game plan before walking back to the hostel and picking up more snacks from Nester’s Market. On the way back to get the car, Angie saw some cool welded pinecones in a gallery window and stopped in to look around the Canada House Gallery. They had a lot of really pretty work in there.

After the gallery, we made our way up to Sulphur Mountain. Finding the trail head was easier than we thought it would be and we started our way up. The first part of the hike went really well and we met some nice people, including a couple from Edmonton. About halfway up we found a pile of snow to rub on our skin to save us from the heat. I loved it, and another hiker laughed at the appreciation everyone had for snow that normally wouldn’t be there.

Half-an-hour from the summit I hit my wall on hiking, which led to a brief but not insurmountable mismatching of states of enthusiasm. Once we got to the summit we took a long sit on a picnic table, which made me feel much better and more keen to walk the UNESCO boardwalk that had been set up on the summit to the Cosmic Rays Station, an old research station on the top of the mountain.

After exploring the ray station and the boardwalk, we took the gondola down. It’s free to do that until 1 July, so that was pretty awesome. The view was really fun, and I was really happy not to have to walk down.

Once we were down, we walked over to the Upper Hot Springs. We were briefly tempted by their offer to rent historic swimwear (laundered to hospital standards), but were glad we passed when we got to the pool and saw that no one else had gotten them. The water temperature was 40ºC, which was very warm and great after that big hike. We started for about an hour, then drove back to town.

We made a quick stop at the hotel to change, then did some window shopping. I saw a place called Toque Canadian Bar a few days ago, so we stopped in there for dinner. The whole place was amazing! They had these great canvases on the walls with dictionary-style definitions of Canadian slang terms. We found a great table in the corner so we could look out across the bar, mostly to watch a hilarious stag party at a table not far from us whose theme was hideous vests (with added sombreros they must have picked up on Cinco de Mayo). I ordered the Albertan burger and a raspberry ale from Grizzly Paw Brewing Company, a Canmore, Alberta brewery. I would highly recommend both.

After dinner we continued the Great Patch Hunt and finally had some success. To celebrate, we went to Cows to get ice cream. I got PEI Apple Crisp, which was fantastic. I hadn’t had apple crisp ice cream since Sebastian Joe’s had it five years ago and I was so excited!

Ice cream in hand, we walked back to the hotel and started the packing process. Angie flies back to Minnesota tomorrow, and I leave at 1:45 pm to go back to Jasper for a night before taking the train to Toronto!


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