Day Twenty-One

Today was my last day in Banff! Angie and I started it off at Tim’s (as became tradition), then finally visited the Banff Visitors’ Centre, where I found a great Parks Canada patch for my bag. After that quick run, Angie and I went back to the hotel to finish packing up so she could start her road trip back to Calgary to catch her flight. We said goodbye after an awesome weekend together, then I went to take a quick shower and get myself out of the room in time for checkout.

I stashed my stuff in the hotel’s office so I wouldn’t have to carry it around while I waited for the bus to Jasper. I grabbed a quick passion tango lemonade then did some window shopping. I caved at Roots when I found a cute shirt I thought would be good for summer, then grabbed a quick smoothie and lunch before getting my stuff and finding a bench near the bus stop.

The bus ride back to Jasper was pretty uneventful with brief stops at the Fairmont in Lake Louise and again at the Columbia Icefields. I took a cab up to the hostel once I got into Jasper (the shuttle had stopped running), settled in, and threw all my super rank clothes into the wash. I did a bit of sewing (my day pack and rain cover have both seen better days), then went to hang out in the common room.

There were a few groups of traveling exchange students, including Brandon from Perth, Australia; Rhiannon and Katie from Durham, UK; Lauren from Leeds, UK; and Marion and Greer, who live on the continent but went to school in Glasgow. Everyone was really nice and they all had great stories about their times at home and their travels. Greer, Marion, and I were all talking about the weird, thrifty food decisions we’ve made while traveling. Greer told us about how his sister will buy a loaf of bread, squish it down, and eat nothing but chunks of bread with a bit of chorizo on them for about two weeks! Brandon told us about a game he and his friends play called Goon of Fortune that I must admit I’d like to try one of these days. He also showed us a great picture of a baby shark he caught outside his house!

We played King’s Cup for a while (I enjoyed a glass of water), since they were getting ready to go out for the night. Two Canadian boys joined us after a while, and we played until they turned off the lights at 11:00 pm.

Now I’m getting ready to head to bed. I have lots of time in town tomorrow, since my train to Toronto doesn’t leave until 5:30 pm. I’m glad I got so much hiking in, because I’m on the train through the boring part of the country for four solid days, so there’s not going to be much moving around! If this doesn’t get updated much for a bit, don’t fret! I’m just not sure how much internet access I’ll have on this leg of the trip.


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