Day Twenty-Two

Today was a pretty quiet one. I woke up in time to actually fold all my laundry and pack it up so I could be out of the bed by 11:00 am checkout. It was raining, so I decided the day might be best spent relaxing in the common room.

I settled in to read, and after a while Greer joined me. His hiking plans had been dashed by the weather, which shifted all day from rain, to brief sun, and even a fair bit of hail. Around noon, Brendan, Katie, Lauren, and Rhiannon emerged from sleeping off their night out and joined us.

Rhiannon, Lauren, and I had a great morning talking about theatre! Turns out both of them have done tech work, so we had lots of stories to trade, especially about matinee and brush-up rehearsal pranks! We also talked about the different university systems in the UK, Canada, and the US. Of all the systems, I’ve got to say that what they explained for the UK made the most sense!

After a few hours of watching the weather and chatting, the McMaster group decided they were ready to get their day of hiking and hot springs started, and it was getting close to time for me to get down the train station. They were nice enough to offer to drive me down since the station was on the way. We talked a bit about their pals, and I shared some ideas for what they should do whilst in Vancouver in a few days. Brendan pulled into the station and we said our goodbyes.

I didn’t have to wait long in the station before boarding. A singer-songwriter from Victoria, Sydney Batters (aka – Abraham), is doing a Western Canadian train tour and is with us on the train now, so she was playing some of her music for everyone as we waited. She was really good, so I think I’ll be looking her music up more when I get the chance.

I boarded the train and got my primo spot back from my first ride! The porter actually told me I may very well have the whole car to myself for a while, since pretty much everyone in it is getting off in Edmonton tomorrow. He made me his “able-bodied” passenger, which basically means that in the event of a mandatory de-training I’ll help to either open the doors or smash the windows to get everyone off. I feel like a train RA!

I hung out in the dome car until we went through the tunnel out of Jasper, since at that point the mountains peter off. I worked on getting my camp all set up before hammering through a few more chapters of my book. My goal is to finish it before we pull into Winnipeg tomorrow night so I can hand it off to Tino and trade it for the next in the series.

It’s getting dark now. I’m pretty sure we’re somewhere in central or eastern Alberta. We hit Edmonton early in the morning, then power through Saskatchewan before a few hours in Winnipeg, then overnighting through western Ontario. There’s nothing too scenic for a while, so I’m looking forward to reading and the movies I downloaded onto my computer a while back. For now, it’s off to bed to try to get a few decent hours of sleep!


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