Day Twenty-Four

Another mostly uneventful day on the train, but it followed a really good sleep. It’s amazing what a little sleep aid, ear plugs, and an improvised blindfold will do to bolster a night of sleep on the train. The porter actually joked with me this morning about how thoroughly out I was last night. I just told him that I’ve had a lot of practice and have finally figured out the perfect formula for sleeping in economy class.

I read in the dome car for a while, enjoying the Northwoods-esque scenery as we made our way through northwestern Ontario. Lots of pines, lots of rocks, and lots of lakes to see. The effects of the sleep aid I took were clinging a bit into the day, so I went back to my camp and took a bit of a nap, waking up when I heard the call for lunch. I made my way back to the dining car and enjoyed a bison burger before doing some more reading.

I read until they made the call for dinner. I had taken a spot in the earliest seating, mostly because it was that or nothing. I sat with a railway worker about my age on his way home from a stint in northwestern Ontario. We talked a bit about nothing in particular until we finally found some common ground in our favorite movies.

After dinner I went back to reading until the lights got too dim for me to see the pages. I switched gears to watch Jurassic Park, then got myself ready for bed, making sure to do everything exactly as I had the last night so I could get another great night of sleep.

I get into Toronto tomorrow morning. I’m so excited to be coming back to the city because I liked it so much last time I was there. I’m really looking forward to having more time to see it and explore it, since this time I’m not presenting at a conference and won’t be shuttled out to the University of Toronto – Mississauga with little time to see Toronto proper!


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