Day Twenty-Seven

It was a rainy and blustery day here in Toronto, so Paul, Janette, and I took it slow. Paul had gone to a bakery to pick up croissants for breakfast, including really delicious chocolate and almond ones. Janette had to run out for a bit, so Paul and I spent most of the morning hanging out. He told me about some cool vineyards I should check out while I’m in the Niagara area in a few days, including Jackson Triggs and Sibling Rivalry. I figure I can only look at the falls for so long, so the vineyards could be a great way to spend the rest of my time there.

When Janette got back, the three of us got all caught up on Game of Thrones so we can be fully prepared for Episode 6.4 tomorrow! With catch-up done, Paul and I went to St. Lawerence Market to pick up the ingredients for some homemade meals (I can’t even express how excited I am for some “real” food). Once we were back, it was time to start cooking dinner so it would be ready in time for me and Janette to pick up the tickets for our show tonight.

Dinner was an awesome ribeye steak with sweet potato fries (prepared by yours truly) and broccoli. It was all so good! There’s something so nice about sitting down at a table and having what feels like a family meal when you’re out traveling like I am. The running around and exploring are great, but some days it’s really nice to have a chill day at “home,” and that was what was great about today.

Janette and I trotted off to the Distillery District after dinner to make it to the Young Centre for the Performing Arts to catch Soulpepper Theatre Company’s production of The Odd Couple. The show was hilarious! Janette and I were howling through the whole thing. The ensemble cast had awesome energy and great timing, and the two lead actors killed it with their portrayal of the relationship between Felix and Oscar. If you’re in Toronto during the run of this show, I would really recommend going to see it!

After the show, Janette and I walked back to the condo for dessert. Paul had everything set up: the butter tarts he and I got at the market today and a nice, chilly bottle of icewine. I’ve seen icewine all over the place in Canada but didn’t really know what it was. I asked Janette about it the other day and she explained that it is a kinda syrupy, very sweet dessert wine. They pick the grapes when they’ve frozen to a certain temperature, and that’s what makes the flavor so special. And let me tell you, icewine is yummy! So good! A straight Canadian delicacy that should be enjoyed the world over!

We enjoyed our tarts and icewine while watching the Blue Jays game, which was exciting as they came back, and sad when they ultimately lost. Once the game was over, it was time for us all to turn in and rest up for our day of adventuring on the Toronto Islands tomorrow!


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