Day Twenty-Eight

I started off this morning with a wonderful bacon, toast, eggs, and mimosas breakfast courtesy of Paul so that Janette and I would have plenty of fuel for our trip out to the Toronto Islands this afternoon. It was chilly and showering again today, but barring a total downpour, Janette and I were determined to get out to the islands.

We went to the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal and decided to take the Hanlan’s Island ferry out so we would and there and be able to do a full circuit from there through Centre Island, ending on Ward’s Island in time to catch its ferry back to the mainland. It took a while to actually get onto Hanlan’s Island, because the ferry operator could not find his key to unlock the gate. Janette assisted in the search by checking his jacket hood (the poor man did have a lot of pockets) before the other operator realized what had happened and let us all through with his key.

We started off towards the Hanlan’s Islands beaches to start off our day, and decided the cold weather made it somewhat “safe” for us to go take a peek at the clothing option beach without totally scarring us for life. The beach didn’t look like it was in Canada at all, more like the Outer Banks in the Carolinas, and we had it all to ourselves until a few people with what we think were boogie boards came trotting on to take advantage of the waves that today’s bizarre weather was whipping up. The island’s beaches must be an absolute blast in the summer time, and I really hope that I can get out there to experience them one of these days (probably gonna skip the clothing optional one in the summer, though).

After the beach we kept making our way towards Centre Island, passing the Gibraltar Point lighthouse on the way. It’s the oldest existing lighthouse on the Great Lakes and rumor says the thing is haunted, due to the mysterious disappearance of one of its keepers and the subsequent finding of a human skeleton — creepy, given how cute the lighthouse itself is with its little red door and faded pink top. From the lighthouse, we walked by some of the Centre Island gardens and beaches before heading towards the boardwalk. Once we hit the boardwalk, the weather got straight up weird. In about fifteen minutes, we had sun, rain, sleet, a bit of snow, and hail — really covering all our bases. We braved it all to take a look at one of the clusters of houses on the island. The Toronto Islands are home to a artists community, so a lot of homes were a little quirky and had great art in the yards. Janette told me about the insane lists that people are on to try to get spots living on the islands, and while it seems like it would be really fun, the islands are also a little remote despite being not far at all from the city. They don’t have any of their own services like grocery stores, so people who live there have to take the berries into the mainland any time they need just about anything.

The hail continued, so Janette and I decided it was time to seek shelter until the ferry was ready to come. We went to The Rectory Café for some bone-warming cauliflower and ginger soup and hot chocolate. Once we felt ready, we made our way back out in to the no longer hailing but still chilly outdoors to get to the Ward’s Island ferry back to Toronto.

Once we were back at the condo, my phone went off with messages from Jan asking if I’d like to join him and his roommates at the Air Canada Centre to watch the Toronto Raptors in their final game against the Miami Heat. Unfortunately, he’d sent the messages hours earlier, and I knew there was no way I’d be able to get in to Jurassic Park (the free outdoor screening area the team sets up outside the ACC) or find him at that point, so Janette, Paul, and I watched the last half of the game from the condo. The Raptors won the game, moving them into the third round of the Eastern playoffs for the first time ever. Janette whipped open the balcony door when the game ended to see if we would be able to hear the roar of the crowd that was only a few blocks away.

With the game over and the city celebrating, we sat down for Janette’s signature Mexican casserole dinner. After dinner, we had time to kill before Game of Thrones would come on, so we watched an episode of Marseille and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. We watched GOT and now we’re settled in for bed. Janette and Paul are both working tomorrow, so I’m going to go meet Nathan out at the Royal Ontario Museum for the day before hitting the Blue Jays game with Janette and Jan tomorrow night.


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