Day Thirty-Four

I unabashedly ignored my alarm when it went off this morning, but I was able to pull myself out of bed in time to meet up with the tour group for the walk to Old Montréal. Our tour leader, Gabrielle, is from Montréal and did a great job of taking us through cool parts of the city on the way to Old Montréal. We saw Centre Bell, home of the Canadians; Basilique-Cathédrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde, where I lit a candle for graduation; a square with a statue of Queen Victoria and a beautiful métro gate that was a gift from Paris, were Gabrielle told us about all kinds of little symbols of the English-French rivalry throughout the city; the Crew Café, whose bar is an old banking tellers’ desk; and Cathédrale Notre-Dame. Then she took us down Rue Saint-Paul, the tourist centre of Old Montréal, before ending the tour outside city hall.

Bonnie was on the tour with me, and so was Haylee, a girl from Adelaide who was on the pub crawl with us last night. When Gabrielle left, we went back towards a café she’d pointed out earlier, Olive + Gourmando, to get a bit to eat. We took our food down to the Old Port and had a little picnic before walking around a bit to see the Cirque du Soliel Lutzia tent.

The three of us walked back to the hostel to rest up for a bit before tonight’s pub crawl. I went down to the hostel bar and lounge and found Josh and Mitch. We hung for a bit and I tried to talk them into coming on the crawl. They went to go rest for a bit and try to decide if they’d come out or not, then Haylee asked me me if was keen to go to the supermarket with her. The two of us found a little supermarché not far from the hostel and picked up some basics. When we got back, we both whipped up quick dinners and as we were eating she decided she would come out with us on the crawl tonight.

She and I went to get ready then met up with Mitch in the lobby so we could make our way to the métro and on to the first bar. The crawl tonight wasn’t run by the hostel, so we had to meet up with the larger group at Vol de Nuit. We saw more people from the hostel once we got there, including Tom and Ryan. Tom was actually wearing one of those really ridiculous Justin Trudeau fantasy sweaters, which made him quite the popular guy all night long, and in my opinion was a much better hilarious fashion decision than the stag party we saw that were all dressed as penguins.

We didn’t say at Vol de Nuit for long before going to TRH. I was excited to be back, but they weren’t playing the same great music tonight as they did last night in the beginning. Of course, just as things started to pick up there, it was time to move on to Rouge, a nightclub that was so packed we could hardly moved. Eventually we wrestled our way into corner where we could all breathe a bit more. We danced for a while before the crawl leader went on a lap through the club to lead us to the last stop for the night, Muzique. Muzique wasn’t as packed as Rouge, which I appreciated, and they were playing pretty standard, fun pop and dance music. Somewhere along the way, Haylee disappeared, and shortly after Mitch and I decided to go home.

I’m feeling totally wiped now after two big days of walking and nights out, so I’m glad that the only thing on my agenda for tomorrow doesn’t start until 2:00 pm. Now it’s time for some serious sleep!


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