Day Thirty-Seven

I slept in for a bit today before going to breakfast with Christine and Haylee. Christine left to go back to San Diego today, so we all said our goodbyes as she left for the airport.

I had a bit of work I needed to get done, so I hung around the hostel for a bit before walking to Square Dorcester to enjoy another insanely hot summer day here in Montréal — it’s been about 27ºC every single day, which is awesome. I was feeling the heat, so I walked up Rue Ste-Catharine until I found a Starbucks, where I ran into Haylee. We hung out for a bit until I got a message from Megan asking what I was up to.

Haylee recommended seeing La Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, so Megan and I made plans to meet up there. We didn’t have long after we got there before the museum closed, so we made a really fast loop through the few exhibits we could see, including a big collection of funky chairs that Haylee had mentioned.

After the museum, Megan and I walked down Rue Ste-Catharine in search of a much needed meal. We had dinner at La Belle et La Boeuf on their lovely patio. Afterwards, I walked Megan past the hostel to Station Lucien L’Allier so she’d know how to get to me in an hour for the pub crawl.

Megan got back to the HI-Montréal after getting ready at her place and joined us for the start of the crawl in the hostel bar. Michael was leading us again, though the group was a bit smaller than it has been. We started off at Pistoleros, the country bar I was at with Josh, Mitch, and Nils the other night, before going to The Mad Hatter.

Then it was time for the highlight of the evening — and the reason I booked another night at the hostel — karaoke at John Doe & Comedyworks. To give you an idea of how the night was going, I signed up first for a song in French, “Elle habite ici” by Gérald de Palmas. I nailed it; thank God for high school French. Megan then joined me for “Hakuna Matata.” They put it on in French, but she was a champion and sang it in English while I took care of the French. Haylee joined us for “Wannabe,” then the hostel group just kind of became a swarm for “Bye Bye Bye.”I got up there and threw in “Elle Me Dit” by Mika, “All the Small Things” and “Let’s Go Crazy,” which two guys from LA said was a prime choice on my part. Matt and James, from Tasmania, met up with the group and found themselves signed up for “Land Down Under,” something that apparently happens every week. All the Aussies joined them on stage for that, and Matt and James hauled me up to, awarding me honorary Aussie status. We also had a couple people from Germany who gave us “99 Luft Balloons” and “Amerika” by Rammstein. I don’t know how well I followed my mom’s demand that I always make sure to sing on key, but I tried my best and I had a great time!

They turned the lights on, so we all made our way home. A few of us stayed up just about all night, so I’m totally beat now and fairly confident I’m not making my train in a few hours!