Day Forty-One

It was an early morning in Québec City; my train to Montréal left  at 7:45 am, so I got up at around 6:00 am to meet Akim and Will in the hostel lobby to walk to the train station. Akim told me about an incredible place, Paillard, that allegedly has the best croissants in Québec City, and was nice enough to treat Will and I to croissant-esque pastries since it was our last morning in Québec. I had the poirerier pastry and it was probably one of the best things I have ever had the good fortune to eat.

Akim walked Will and I all the way to our gate at the station before we said our goodbyes. Will and I boarded the train to find that he was seated just one row ahead of me. Not that we did much socializing — I fell asleep pretty much immediately after my ticket was scanned.

I slept almost all the way to Montréal. We only had about a twenty-minute layover there before it was time for us to board the train to Toronto. Will and I were seated in different cars on that train. Again, I slept most of the ride. When I did wake up I had a lovely chat with the woman sitting next to me, Diane. Will was waiting for me on the platform in Toronto and hung with me until I found somewhere to store my bag for the five hours I had to wait before getting on my final train to Winnipeg. That mission accomplished, Will went home and I went wandering towards the Eaton Centre through throngs of Blue Jays fans in search of food. I took my time winding through the streets, so once I finished eating it was time to loop back to Union Station.

I boarded the train to Winnipeg and staked out my beloved two-seat camp. I settled in and read my book for a while. Now I’m prepping myself for my magic train sleep routine (ear plugs, blindfold, sleep aid) for night one of two on my last train of the trip!


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