The End of the Line

I woke up this morning as my train pulled into Winnipeg. The station itself wasn’t staffed yet, since we arrived miraculously early, so we had to sit on the train for about half-an-hour before disembarking.

I had just enough change to get me on a bus to the U of M, where Karam was nice enough to let me into SJC. I camped out on Momo and Karam’s couch getting caught up on my shows while I waited for my dad, Angie, and Lindsay to pick me up for our spa day at Thermëa.

I feel like any spa day is well-deserved, but this one felt extra good. Steaming, soaking, sunning, and napping felt incredible after forty-two days on the rails. We spent a few hours there before going out to Earl’s to celebrate my graduation.

After dinner, they dropped me off at SJC for a night spent with my friends. Unfortunately, most people had plans, but Tino and I were able to spend the night our favorite way: watching Breaking Bad and eating pizza. It was wonderful to have one last night in the college with T before convocation tomorrow.

Fez is also graduating tomorrow, so he and I have our plan for the day all ready. His parents weren’t able to make it from Bangladesh, so I told him I’m happy to share my family with him for the day.

It’s hard to imagine what tomorrow will be like, finally getting confirmation that I’m done with school and sailing into the next part of my life. I don’t know what the next few weeks, months, or years will hold, but it’s hard to imagine that they won’t be amazing after the last new weeks.

And with that, the Farewell Tour has reached the end of the line. I hope you’ve enjoyed following along with me as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing this trip with you.


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